Designed for Learning…Growth…Fun!

The Chancery campus is centrally located in the heart of Auckland with easy access to trains and buses for a hassle free commute to and from student residences.

AGI is part of a heritage building, the Chancery Chambers. The building was designed in 1924 by French-Canadian architect, J Sholto Smith. The chambers were built on the site of the Acacia Cottage which some say is the first “European-type dwelling” in Auckland.

At AGI, we continually endeavour to offer our students a world class education experience imparted by a skilled faculty, in top-notch facilities.

The Healthcare Programme in a pragmatic combination of theoretical and applied Progressive healthcare education.

AGI’s Technology Programmes are delivered in state of the art facilities that prepare students for a successful career. From IT facilities to cutting-edge software and hardware, the diplomas are taught in a tech-friendly campus.

There are dedicated support services available onsite, including counselling and welfare related guidance.

Relaxation is provided on campus in two well-appointed break out areas that students can relax in and perhaps play games or watch TV.