Auckland, The City of Sails, is a picturesque and multi-cultural city renowned for its calm surroundings. Embraced by an abundance of natural beauty, Auckland is a dazzling place where you can enjoy life to the fullest and study for success....”

A unique culture that will fascinate and mesmerize

Culture is integral to Auckland, layering every part of the city with sophistication and liveliness, right from eateries to tourist attractions.

Auckland’s range of activities and attractions offer something for everyone. Whether it is feasting at the more than 800 bustling restaurants, or soaking in gorgeous views from the tallest tower in the Asia-Pacific region or watching mesmerizing shows in the theatre at the outstanding Aotea Centre.

One can also choose from the Auckland Museum, National Maritime Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World, or the Zoo! Maori Are the Thangata Whenua - the native of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Maori language, ethos and folk customs form a vital part of life and culture in

New Zealand. Auckland thrives thanks to its rich heritage and a vision that is futuristic. Auckland and AGI will both offer you an experience that will you will treasure forever.


When it comes to natural beauty, New Zealand is unrivalled. It is home to some stunning flora, fauna, beaches and landscapes. The island is an abode to spectacular beaches, adventurous parks and many scenic walking tracks. This makes New Zealand a nature lover’s heaven.

Students can enjoy the outdoors and discover quaint sceneries. These areas are untouched by human life and are a habitat to lush forests and native wildlife.

The country offers a gateway to explore some uninhabited beaches. Whether they are black sandy surf beaches or isolated sunshiny bays, one can choose from many beaches that are spread across New Zealand. From unwinding and enjoying some breathtaking views to engaging in activities on and off the water, it’s all yours for the taking. One can enjoy a leisurely picnic under a secluded cove or walk by the wide open beaches that are truly New Zealand.

You can read your favourite novel under a sprawling pohutukawa tree or swim, surf, snorkel, kayak and dive in one of the blue, translucent waters of this majestic island. If you’re not a fan of water sports then you can host a barbecue, play some beach volleyball, explore scenic walking tracks or even ride a horse!


Lively, stylish, confident, cosmopolitan and convivial are words enthusiastically used to define Auckland.

It is a flourishing city with a proud heritage and an optimistic future. Auckland welcomes you with outstanding entertainment, student support and sports facilities.

The city offers a taste of diverse cuisines in various restaurants across the city, an effervescent café-culture and some pubs, bars and clubs to shake a leg or two!

Unruffled by the outside world, Auckland is a serene and calm place to live and study in. The city and AGI provide students with an enriching experience, you’ll remember long after graduation.