Employers value and seek-out AGI's graduates

An AGI diploma is greatly prized

An AGI diploma is greatly prized, as employers values the Institute’s graduates for their academic ability as well as their commitment to the profession. AGI prides itself as an outstanding provider of Healthcare education in New Zealand. AGI’s Technology programmes are aimed at adding value and skills that IT employers in New Zealand seek.

What makes AGI successful is its ability to foster a rewarding student experience, which gives precedence to building skills employers seek from graduates. Whether it is a job in an MNC, private sector, community or retirement homes, disability support centers or hospitals, AGI’s graduates hold a clear advantage.

We familiarise our students with the practical aspects of Healthcare work so they are ready to take on the challenges of the work place. We guide them towards successful outcomes.

Similarly, our newly designed Technology diplomas are also outcome focused and suit entry-level roles that New Zealand demands. Whether they are IT Helpdesk Support, Web Administrators, Systems Administrators or ICT Customer Support, our diplomas prepare graduates to meet the prerequisites of these roles.

AGI graduates are motivated and dedicated

They contribute to society in a meaningful way. AGI’s provides students with a stimulating study environment where they benefit from exceptional teaching and interact with tutor, who are specialists in their field. This environment encourages students to think critically, cultivates independence and builds team working skills. Attributes that potential employers seek in new graduates.

AGI recognizes the importance of imparting employability skills

Our students are prepared for the workplace with intensive training and a comprehensive internship programme (Healthcare Level 5 and 6). Each Healthcare Level 5 and Level 6 students gets a guaranteed internship of 150 hours per semester. (That’s 300 hours per year!).

This expands their knowledge and familiarizes graduates with the workplace. They start their career prepared to be at the top of their technological ability in the future workplace.

Both our IT & IS Level 5 & 6 programmes are centered on building skills that are based on real-life companies and case studies.

AGI diplomas are modelled in a way that puts employability first and this explains the keenness and confidence with which employers seek-out AGI graduates.

The secret of AGI’s success lies in the student experience itself, which gives special emphasis on building the skills graduates need in employment.

Consequently, an AGI diploma carries great weight in the jobs market, as employers value the Institute’s graduates for their academic ability, motivation and resourcefulness.

We pride ourselves as an outstanding provider of Healthcare and IT education in New Zealand.

We prepare students for the responsibilities of the work place and support them to maximize their success.

Our programmes are unique and different from other institutes. They are aimed at fulfilling graduate profile requirements of employers in New Zealand.

Students benefit from a stimulating study environment, and interact with academics who are experts of knowledge in their field. This all serves to encourage critical thinking and nurtures both self-reliance and teamwork - attributes which are highly valued by employers.



Tran Thi Huyen Trang

Healthcare Assistant
My name is Tran Thi Huyen Trang (Tracy), I have just finished level 6 of Diploma in Healthcare Management at AGI Education Limited. While studying there, I got a part time job as a Healthcare Assistant for both Selwyn nursing bureau and Graceful Care Ltd. The level 6 course gives me the confidence in performing my career as well as my future opportunity in getting New Zealand residency. Right after graduation, I got the permanent job at Shelly Beach Lodge, Dementia secure facility which supports me the chance to get a job offer for two more years after one year search job visa, at the same time I am working for Senate nursing bureau, Selwyn nursing bureau, also Graceful Care Ltd. I would say I am so thankful to Auckland Goldstar Institute, the time I have studied there would be one of the most wonderful experience of my life. Thank you.

Huang Hai Guo

" I figured out that AGI offers access to the healthcare community – this helps spring up job opportunities from local community service providers. As an international student, AGI streamlines the path for settling into New Zealand while learning from the best tutors in the city. The institute provides a framework to establish a good career in healthcare. " - Huang Hai Guo, Health Care Worker at Rosedale Village
Student at auckland gold star institute college

Julie Dela Cruz

“Moving to New Zealand was a dream since I was a child. For me, AGI saved my life! I chose AGI because I followed the advice of my Immigration Advisor (IA), who recommended the institute inside-out. My IA succeeded in rescuing me, my career and providing a pillar that my parents could lean on. AGI Diploma in Healthcare qualification did impact my employment capabilities splendidly. I got a part-time job even while I was studying. I really did take pleasure in the work placement which gave me the opportunities to grow more and to apply what I studied at the institute. I felt everything made sense as I stepped into my clinical placement - Julie Dela Cruz, House Leader at Mt Tabor Trust
Student at auckland gold star institute college

Mukul Saggi

I joined AGI in May 2015 to do a diploma in Healthcare Level 5. AGI has been a great help for me to acquire a placement at Palms Rest Home. Not only has AGI helped me bag this offer from the rest home, it is has given me the skills and competency to be successful. It is also good to note that I got this job within one week of joining AGI! I highly recommend AGI Education for students who are looking at a prosperous career-driven future.
Health care programme in Auckland New Zealand

Shabnam Verma

Community Support Worker in Enliven Presbyterian Church
Level 5 in Health Care Management helped me and my career. While I gained a lot of knowledge and skills from the tutors, it assisted me in landing a clinical placement as well. The course offers a practical approach and is skill-based, applicable in any work environment. AGI is the leader in offering health care management diplomas. With excellent teaching staff, tutors and help staff, AGI changes your life emotionally and skilfully. A job that you love is seen as the pinnacle of success – I give full credit to AGI for aiding me in achieving this.