We welcome applications from all students with the potential to succeed at AGI. You will need to satisfy the relevant admissions criteria for the programme.

Healthcare Level 5 Entry requirements:
Domestic applicants must have: NCEA (Level 2), or applicants who have achieved a total of 80 credits of which 60 credits are at level 2 or above.
Adults over the age of 20 years who do not have the minimum entry requirements may be admitted subject to an interview and final approval of the Progarmme Leader and Academic Director

I.T level 7 Entry requirements:
Domestic applicants must have: * Bachelor or higher IT degree; or Subject to the decision of the Programme Leader and Academic Director , those who have been able to demonstrate equivalent practical, professional or educational experience in an IT related field may be granted admission

Please note that clinical placement is an integral part of the healthcare programme for the students. Students must complete and achieve the required number of hours at the placement site in order to complete the qualification. It is a mandatory requirement of clinical placement sites that all students undergo police vetting before they can be placed at a site. Due to this requirement all students should have an acceptable outcome from the police vetting to the satisfaction of AGI and clinical placement site.

Equality and Diversity

The Institute is committed to promoting diversity in all of its practices and activities. This is reflected in our multi-cultural student body and staff. The Institute aims to establish an inclusive culture which welcomes applicants from all walks of life.

Domestic Fees

Healthcare: $6000.00 Incl GST
Information Technology (I.T) 6500.00 Incl GST

Fees includes tuition fees, resource fees, registration and examination related fees. Please note that an exam /assessment resit may incur additional fees. Further information about such fees is made available to students during the orientation programme.

Eligible for Fees Free? Because AGI is fully registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and this course is approved by NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) you may qualify to have your 2018 fees paid for by the government under the new Fees Free scheme. Refer to the website to see if you are eligible. Alternatively, most students wishing to take this course should be eligible for an interest-free loan from Studylink ( Even if you are eligible for the Fees Free scheme you will probably still need to get a loan from Studylink for your course-related cost or living costs.

Compulsory Student Services Fee

The Compulsory Student Services Fee is a levy that will be charged to domestic students enrolled at AGI Education Limited. This fee will be included in your invoice and can be paid through Studylink.

What is the CSSF?
The Compulsory Student Services Fee is a levy charged to domestic students enrolled at AGI. It contributes towards student services that support student learning. The funds received by AGI from the CSSF can only be spent on student services.

How much is the fee?
IN 2018 the fees is $500 per year, for a student enrolled in a full year programme. (AGI delivers full time programmes across Level 5,6 & 7)

Do all students get charged the CSSF?
Domestic students get charged a CSSF. As a compulsory fee, this is included in fees-free for eligible students For International students fees for these services is included under various different headings under the international pricing model.

Can I borrow the CSSF on my student loan?
Yes, it will be included in your invoice because it is a compulsory fee.

Can I get a refund within the tuition fee refund period?
“Yes. If you withdraw for all courses within the refund period. Please refer to AGI’s ‘Learner Withdrawal & Refund Policy’ in the student handbook.”

Can I opt out of paying the CSSF?
No, it is a compulsory fee dedicated in providing student services at AGI.

What does the CSSF cover?
This fee will support student services that aren’t covered by tuition fees, such as Advocacy: Advocating on behalf of individual students and groups of students, and providing independent support to resolve problems. This includes advocacy and legal advice relating to accommodation Counselling services: Counselling Service; Student Support Advisers Employment information/ Work ready: Employability workshops, CV Writing workshops Financial support and advice: Student Hardship Support, Budgeting Advice related to student loans and student allowances for domestic students. Clubs and societies: Student initiated events Sports, recreation and cultural activities: Student Engagement events e.g. Marae Visit; International Food Days, Cultural Festival, Sports and Recreation events and activities during Orientation and throughout the year.

How does AGI know that students want and need the services funded through the CSSF?
As 2018 is the first year of introduction of CSSF, AGI based this fees on a multitude of factors. These are detailed below:
1. Based on existing costs incurred for international students for similar services
2. Based on on benchmarking based on what other institutes are charging for a similar fees in New Zealand
3. Based on student consultation as part of the fees setting process. For 2019, this fees will be further reviewed based on feedback from student surveys.

Will students be able to input into the decision-making of the CSSF?
Students will be able to provide input as part of the consultation process on the amount of money being charged for CSSF, how it is spent and the value being generated from these activities. Based on the feedback and the consultation process we will continue to evolve the services that generate the most value needed by you as the primary stakeholder.
AGI will seek input from all students as to the type of services that are desired of and will do the best as practically possible to implement those services. Furthermore, students can give verbal feedback to the Student Welfare Officer ( and or Student Representatives and through formal evaluation of services in student surveys . We will provide regular updates on the dates/links to the survey through out the year.
AGI practices the best possible ways to gather information from students to offer them the best experience and continuously improves quality of the services being offered at the same time.

Where do I find out more about the levy?
If you have any questions about the CSSF, please contact Drew, Domestic Marketing Coordinator,


Payment of Fees

Instructions about payment of fees will be included in the offer letter, if paying via studylink you will find us as a registered provider, all you will have to do is apply online and let us sort the rest. If you want to pay by other means then please contact our team +6493796628.


For information on fees please contact the Finance Office. Tel: +6493796628 or