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Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund

Study NZ Diploma in Healthcare, Aging and Disability Services (Level 5); Diploma in Mental Health and Addiction (Level  6); NZ Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5); or 
New Zealand Diploma in Systems Administration (Cloud and Virtualisation)
(Level 6) at no cost


The Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) is an initiative by NZ Govt to support NZ domestic learners to undertake vocational education and training without fees. We are very pleased to let you know that AGI Education Ltd's Healthcare Level 5 and 6;

and Information Technology Level 5 and 6 programmes are eligible for TTAF.


Contact our team now and embark on a rewarding career in Healthcare or I.T for free. 

** Please note, the TTAF scheme is valid only for NZ Residents and Citizens. **