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Our priority is your growth and for you to have the best educational experience.

AGI (Part of AKA Education Group) is an NZQA accredited Category 1 provider. We are established as one of the leading Institutions offering Healthcare programmes in Aotearoa

Each of our programmes is designed by leading experts of the field who are fully aware of the skills needed in the job market and each programme is developed to optimally meet current and emerging trends. To ensure this - our programmes include work placement arranged with highly-regarded facilities where you can gain practical experience and expand your professional network. 

At AGI, we put our students at the heart of everything we do, engaging and nurturing our students and maintaining a focus on the ability to ‘do’ rather than just ‘know’. In this way we guide and support our students on their journeys into their chosen roles as Healthcare warriors. 

Growing Potential -AGI Education
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