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AGI has an excellent graduate employment record.

AGI Graduates are in demand across a broad range of healthcare facilities and the institute remains a favoured choice among reputed Healthcare centres that hire recent graduates. 


Students are trained to match the profiles of entry-level technology roles and provide the skills employers expect from tech graduates.


Whether your career plans are fairly well-developed or your thinking is at a more tentative stage, help is readily available to assist you with both developing and achieving your career goals from the very beginning of your time at AGI.

For Healthcare students, an intensive 150 hours of internship in each semester enables students to develop a wide range of employability skills including aspects of self-management, team work, problem solving, business & customer awareness, communication and literacy, numeracy and IT. This familiarizes students with the demands of the future workplace.

Practical experience is a key component of AGI’s Optimum Employability approach. Students are strongly encouraged to maximize this during their time at AGI through the internship component of their programme.

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