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Compulsory Student Service Fee ( CSSF)

What is Compulsory Student Service Fee (CSSF)?

CSSF is a fee which helps support and fund the services and initiatives that enable a richer and more enhanced educational experience for students at AGI. 

How much is the CSSF fee for a student enrolled at AGI?

$500 is charged as CSSF for each enrolled Equivalent Full-Time student (EFTS). This is included in the programme fee paid by students. 

Decision Making Process and Consultation to determine CSSF

At AGI, regular meetings are conducted with students to better understand their needs and areas of attention.  The CSSF component is determined based on the services to be delivered and after consultation with students through  student representative meetings,  feedback and suggestions from students to the student welfare officer, students surveys

The CSSF fee is used only for initiatives and services that are applicable to be classified under CSSF and based on students feedback and suggestions. 

Services Delivered :

  • Career counselling, employment preparation workshops and First Aid training (non-curriculum related)
    We believe that tertiary education should lead to relevant employment outcomes and in keeping with this, we endeavour to get our students job ready by conducting CV writing workshops, interview technique workshops, career counselling sessions etc. We also aim to enhance a student’s academic experience and increase their employability in the Healthcare sector, to attain that we enable students with the opportunity to participate and gain a first aid certificate.

  • Recreational – Social events, picnics and shared lunches
    Non-academic activities are also essential for all round growth and development of students and hence events such as shared lunches, picnics, graduation day are organized regularly. These are thoroughly enjoyed by students and is always endorsed by students to be maintained as ongoing initiatives.

  • Marae Visits / Māori Culture immersion sessions
    We believe knowledge of Māori culture is of prime importance to our students as the they would be employed in healthcare sector in New Zealand, and keeping with this, we strive to provide students with a comprehensive insight into the Māori culture and enable them to gain an understanding of the Māori health models and concepts which are embedded into the program.

  • Counselling Services
    We provide pastoral care to all our students. We ensure that students have adequate support and to make the student makes most out of their educational journey at AGI, we conduct several counselling sessions and personal development workshops. Sessions on topics including but not limited to sexual health, hygiene practices, safety, and overall well-being are conducted on their request.



Students Engagement for the future

Student engagement and the feedback process remains robust at AGI and regular engagement with students by way of scheduled meetings as well feedback given to the Student Services team and faculty will be given due consideration and will form the basis of how the fee is charged under CSSF and its utilization.



Any CSSF related enquiries may be sent to the Quality Assurance officer at

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