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Who is a Domestic student/applicant?

A domestic student will be one of the following -

  • A New Zealand Citizen 

  • A holder of a New Zealand residence class visa 

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident currently living in NZ

  • Diplomatic personnel and certain dependants

If you are still not sure, contact our team and we will help you!

Why choose AGI?

Institutions have their advantages and strengths – as a student, it is important that you choose an institute that best fits your needs. We are a Category 1 provider of Healthcare Programmes in New Zealand.

When you come to AGI, you will be welcomed into a lively and well-appointed institute whose students and staff are throughout New Zealand and other places around the world. Our passion for excellence in education ensures that students get a lively, ground-breaking and motivating learning environment.

Our career-focused programmes are taught by a distinguished staff, committed to your academic success. Our programmes are designed by experts in the field and are career-driven and often occupational, job-related skills.

AGI Management, staff and students share a strong bond, enhanced by regular social activities, which all contribute to the strong sense of identity which is so characteristic of the institute. We Are One AGI.

These factors influence in making AGI a well-liked institution in New Zealand making competition for places intense and the standard of applications extraordinary.

We look forward to having you on-board as our student!

The application process

Contact the AGI Marketing Team

You can reach out to our team on info@agi.ac.nzfill the inquiry form; or call us on 0800-244-463.

Filling of the AGI application form

You can find the application form, here

We get in touch with you and get the paperwork started

We will need your original academic transcripts, passport/birth-certificate and documents for assessment.

Sorting of Fees-free, Studylink and student allowances (for eligible candidates)

Don't worry, our team is here to help you out!

The offer of place!

Our enrollment team assess/will assess your application and we send the offer of place with you.