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The history of Robotics is filled with claims about a future where intelligent robots will take their place alongside humans. There has been significant media coverage in the last few years especially regarding robots playing a substantial role in caring for the dependent and older population.

In fact, U.S.-based Acrotek, which is a robotics corporation, already sells a robot for sale in an aged-care role called ‘MentorBot.’ Its primary functions are to act as a companion and attendant for the older family. It reminds them to take pills and meals and also provides an alert if something is not right.

Another example of Robotics lending a helping hand to the elderly is Paro, an interactive robotic baby seal that responds to touch, noise, light and temperature by moving its head and legs or making sounds. Paro is designed to help improve the mood of its users and relieve any strains from anxiety or depression. It is currently in use by the Australia-based, RSL LifeCare.

Increasing innovations in the Robotics industry for the aged-care is proving to be valuable. It is a technological trend that has positively infiltrated the aged-care industry and is working towards transforming the third act of life.

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