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Benefits of studying Healthcare with AGI

The country needs your passion

You can be an entrant or you can be well established – At AGI, our Healthcare courses start from beginners’ level 5 to managers level 7.

Being one of the growing fields, Healthcare has several branches and has great job opportunities for people interested in the field. More than anything, the idea of being able to give back to society and caring for the Whanau (family) and community is something that is celebrated by a lot of Healthcare Professionals. Choosing to study Healthcare is a big decision – not only are you committing a portion of your life to learn a new career, it is also a career that has the power to make a huge difference in people’s lives and society. Caring for patients and watching them go from strength to strength is rewarding and fulfilling.

As a Healthcare Assistant, you are the caretaker of your patients’ health and well-being, you are their friend, their support and someone they trust. One can say that if you want to join the Healthcare force, you will have the following qualities –

1. You are Passionate

2. You care for the society

3. You are ready to help make this world a better place for the people in need.

Quite heavy, aye? But to be honest, New Zealand is a great country which needs qualified and rightly skilled Healthcare workers. That is one of the main reasons for AGI to be delivering courses to help students gain the right skills and attitude needed to serve the community. Our course covers Aged care and Disability in Level 5, Mental Health and Addiction in Level 6 and Health Services Management in Level 7– and we make sure to prepare our students for the industry by providing them with clinical placements with our partner facilities.

Want another reason to study with AGI? We are a New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA)-certified ‘Category 1’ tertiary education that provides hands-on training and practical courses. This is proof that we have achieved success in creating a transformational education space. When you choose AGI - Each day, you will be taught a new skill to take on responsibilities in the future and progress in areas that you enjoy.

So, would you come home to AGI? Because there are options like Fees-Free and student loans available for eligible candidates, and many possibilities waiting for you.

Give it a thought and stay tuned to this space to read more about what AGI has to offer to you!

Talk to you soon,

The Knowledge Tree

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