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How does Fees-free work?

For many, studying for free is a dream, but you've got the chance to experience it! 

Fees-Free is a government initiative to enable NZ citizens and residents to get their first year of tertiary study for free. For residence holders to be eligible they must have been living in New Zealand (under their residency visa) for at least three years.

You can follow this like to have a look at the full list of the criteria for fees-free -

Sounds interesting yet complicated? Well, you can either check your eligibility yourself or we can do it for you. It's easy - follow the steps below - 

  1. Visit -

  2. Enter your NSN (National Student Number) and answer the questions - If you do not know your NSN number, we can look that up for you if you don’t know yours.  If you don’t have an NSN we can create one for you, but we will need to see your original passport or NZ Birth Certificate.

  3. The website will either come up with a Yes, NO or MAYBE. If you receive a MAYBE, you will need to complete a declaration. This needs to be printed and then signed in front of a JP.

Once the steps above are completed, we take over the process for you. Getting your Fees-free sorted is easy and it enables you to earn an education without any financial baggage. So, why don't you check your status?

And if you wish to study at AGI, we are more than happy to help you through the whole process! You can just hop on the train or bus with your AT-Hop card and come down to any of our campuses.

We'll wait to hear from you.

Until next time,

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