Mental Health - A Serious Concern

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Kia Ora,

In a world that is driven by the brain, we often find ourselves in situations that are controlled by the mind. Now, what happens in those situations when you do not have control over the mind, lack the tools to understand it or not qualified to pick up what it says?

It is a sobering statistic that the Ministry of Health has shared, which shows a catostrophic increase in the suicide rates by 29% just in the last decade! 

This beautiful country has lost fathers, mothers, children, grandparents and many more, to the demons that prey upon the mental health of wonderful souls. It’s time we took take care of all our New Zealand Whanau.

The government of New Zealand has initiated a Mental Health and wellbeing commission to battle this troublesome phenomenon and in an attempt to restore equilibrium to our society.

Upon recognising the increasing demand and need for awareness in the field of Mental Health and Addiction, the Ministry of Health as extended funding to 22 Health service providers for the same. The government has also launched a 5 year action plan to prevent suicide. 

While the Government is taking the right steps in a timely manner, it