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Personal Growth with Healthcare

In the last couple of years, we have experienced and seen the ever-growing importance of healthcare workers, and the need only increases. Healthcare workers are an integral part of any healthcare system. In Aotearoa, they are the heroes at every hospital, retirement village and facility. From helping run the show, to bringing a smile to clients' faces - they provide the support!

Healthcare workers focus on positively supporting the health and wellbeing of their clients. Their role encompasses supporting daily functional activities, keeping track of taking medication on time, helping client rehabilitation: socially, physically and mentally. You might know some of these heroes in a range of diverse roles with titles such as: Residential Care Worker, Family Support Worker, Disability Services Worker, Community Health Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, Kaiawhina Hauora, Mental Health Support Worker, etc.

You can find benefits of being a healthcare hero, here -

Apart from professional growth, you can and will grow emotionally and personally too!

  1. While being a part of someone else's life experiences, you also create and live your own.

  2. From speaking with clients and hearing about their lives, you get an understanding of the development and change both in humanity and our environment.

  3. You will face a new experience everyday – challenging you and helping you grow.

  4. As so much of your role will be communicating with and understanding the client better (i.e. human interaction) you will improve and develop you communication skills along with your emotional intelligence and empathy.

  5. Managing multiple clients and their needs will help improve time management skills.

  6. As teamwork is so vital in this industry, you will build your understanding of and ability to work with and in a team.

  7. Being involved in healthcare elevates your sense of community and whānau - and helps you find another sense of home.

  8. You will enjoy the deep sense of fulfilment you earn by giving back to society.

To all the Healthcare Workers out there - kia manawanui! Thank you for all the support and care you’ve given our community. We trust you have managed to find your purpose through all the hours you have devoted to your service. We owe you big time!

To aspiring healthcare workers – why not give healthcare a go? The industry and our society need all the support that we can provide - let’s join hands and make this world a better place for our community. Read more about our He Ara Kaitiaki Tāngata – our pathway to Employment Initiative at

Talk to us and discuss your study options today -

Peace out!

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